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Welcome to AluMark

AluMark is the address for scaffolders in search of certified top quality at einebezahlbarPreis. Over many years of experience and manufacturing are the guarantee of consistently high quality of our products.
Innovation - top quality - Fast delivery and excellent price / performance ratio available for the brand: AluMark
The development department is constantly looking for new solutions to respond quickly to the needs of the user market. This regularly leads to new products and solutions, which can increase the Kundenzufriedenhet our AluMark products. All products conform to strict European quality and safety standards and have been N-EN 1004/1298/2718/12811 and the strength u. Stability calculations certified. Finally, the excellent price / performance ratio of the AluMark products, our company has made to the leading manufacturer in aluminum scaffolding in recent years.

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